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reflections cards are 42 card deck offers those blissful moments when the universe wants to connect and send a special message of loving therapeutic guidance. 
Reflections cards are here to bring clarity, playfulness and brighter way of looking into our life. 
The perfect gift to any occasion, or any type of person and especially to yourself! 
The illustrations and wisdom enlightenment made by Hadar Yuli Selekter, a zen meditation instructor and a soul therapist for many years. 


Reflections - Wisdom Cards with a wish to send healing energy, raising awareness and providing  the opportunity to go through self- transformation in a playful way.
With the Reflections Wisdom cards, you are able to take action for your self-growth in a positive, loving and therapeutic approach .
The simple affirmations integrated in the cards go directly to the heart,
giving a direction of first steps to fullfilment.
Why "Reflections"?
We are reflections of each other. We are mirroring ourselves out and the reality reflects back.
The results of our actions create a chain reaction.
If our actions reflects love, they will bring a chain reaction of positive events.
Once we are the best version of ourselves, the world becomes a better place.
Drawings, Colors, Package, Print
All the images in the cards are with their eyes closed.
They look inside themselves because all the answers to our questions are coming from within.
The colors are affecting the healing of the chakras subconsciously.
The package is made of a cotton bag, to give it a daily and personal feeling.
The Drawings are Handmade with watercolor and acrylic.
Printed on 350 gram paper with double side Matt lamination at the highest quality.
The Deck contain 42 cards .
Size : 11cm by 7 cm + instructions


Reflections / ערכת קלפים באנגלית

149.00 ₪מחיר
  • 42 cards

    Size :11cm *7cm 

    Offset printing on paper - Chromo 350 gr

    double Lemination 



  • contact us for any problem with the peckage,  every case will be solved. 

    No Returns fter the packege opened, refunds incase delivery did not arrive after 2 months.

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